Digital communication degree
Digital communication degree

Digital communication degree

The Degree in Digital Communication addresses the demand for professionals in the converging and fast-changing media environment.
Through your courses, you will develop artistic, academic, professional, and technical proficiency in digital media. You will learn how to develop compelling visual concepts and execute them professionally and build a visual vocabulary and fluency in the terminology and conceptual processes of traditional and digital media. You also will discuss the cultural and social impact and responsibility of mass communication and build toward the demonstration of a holistic understanding of contemporary media.
Graduates of this program secure positions at television networks, animation and film production companies, Web and game studios, and in-house media departments, or start their own companies. Others earn graduate degrees in animation, interactive design, media law, and media management.

Popular Career Options
The associate degree program prepares individuals for entry-level jobs in any of the industries that use digital communications. Some sample job titles include graphic design assistant, media production intern, and technical writer.
The career opportunities encountered by the digital communications major depend largely on the focus of their degree program. Job titles include multimedia animator, web designer, and digital video artist.

Continuing Education Information
For individuals interested in pursuing graduate degrees, there are master's and doctoral degree programs available in digital communications. There are also graduate degree programs available in related fields. Examples of related degree programs include a master's in digital media or a doctorate in digital marketing.
Students can study digital communications at the associate and bachelor's degree levels. The former prepares graduates for entry-level jobs, while the latter can lead to successful careers in animation, web design, and more.


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