Journalism degree

Journalism degree

If you are excited about current events and the changing world in which we live, then journalism may be just the career for you!   With the excellent writing and communication skills that journalists must have, we are in demand more than ever in a world of constantly flowing and changing information.

Foundational Knowledge
A bachelor’s in journalism will provide you with foundational knowledge in composing professional level articles ready for print and online publishing.  As a journalist, you will be in the thick of cutting-edge stories, sometimes walking political lines, covering world and local events, natural disasters, crimes, and controversial stories.

Journalism students will learn how to remain within the guidelines of proper citation, avoiding slander, determining public versus private figure status, working with informants, composing articles fit for web and print media.  While the fundamentals of journalism have remained in tact, the medium has changed greatly with the surge in web, blogging, and social media outlets as a means of obtaining news and information.

Search engines such as Google are becoming increasingly savvy about producing journalistic works from professional, well-written, and properly documented sources.  Digital and print media companies are now hiring individuals with journalism, English, public relations, and communications degree’s to manage their social media, blog, and news campaigns.

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