Master Degree In Business and managerial account
Master Degree In Business and managerial account

Master Degree In Business and managerial account

This course focuses on helping students differentiate managerial accounting, its uses, and applications from their experience in financial accounting. Students will learn terminology, operational strategies, and problem-solving techniques utilized by management accountants, and learn to apply them to real-world management decisions.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, students will be able to:
•    Define and explain the terminology and expressions that are used by management accountants
•    Demonstrate understanding of cost behavior in making production decisions and improving operational efficiency within an organization
•    Demonstrate problem-solving skills relative to managerial accounting cases
•    Explain cost behavior and its role in the decision-making process within the organization
•    Prepare budgets, and describe their role in the decision-making process and incentive planning within an organization

Managerial Accounting
Money management is a critical part of business, and accountants who can maintain and evaluate financial data are invaluable to companies. Read on to learn more about education and employment options in managerial accounting.

In order to better serve their clients in the modern economy, managerial accountants offer services beyond traditional accounting. Accountants in general gather a company's financial information and present it to interested parties. Managerial accountants, on the other hand, not only record and maintain such information, but they also analyze this data to help executives make informed and beneficial business decisions.
Managerial accountants also advise executives on cost and asset management, budgeting and performance evaluation. Additionally, they may be involved in strategic planning or new-product development, working closely with other financial analysts and marketing professionals.

Education Information
 Like most accountants, managerial accountants are usually expected to hold at least bachelor's degrees in accounting, business or a similar field. Some employers require master's degrees, particularly for management positions. In accounting degree programs, students can expect to complete coursework in mathematics, business ethics and legal issues, economics, financial analysis and taxation.

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