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On average, each of us spends 75% of our day communicating both verbally and non-verbally. Miscommunication, which may happen due to the medium used or the message delivered, may have dire consequences on a company’s, organization’s, industry’s or governmental agency’s performance and ultimate success.
As the world becomes more and more globally interconnected, the need for professional communicators continues to rise. A Communications Degree will help prepare you to become one of these experts, whether it is a public relations representative, communications officer, advertiser/marketer, editor, writer, publisher, broadcaster, human resources representative, media producer or another related profession.
A degree in communications may be taken at either the undergraduate or graduate level depending on where you are in your educational path. Many communications and journalism schools also offer such degree programs online so that you can have the flexibility to pursue your studies at a convenient time and space.

Prepare for your role as a communicator as you examine how this versatile field impacts all areas of our lives, including organizational, small-group, online, and interpersonal communication, as well as communication ethics. Through these programs, you’ll be prepared to serve responsibly and capably in professional careers in teaching, business, law, media, and other related fields.

The Degree in Communications is a rigorous, multi-disciplinary program designed to give students the analytical, critical, and creative skills that are fundamental to any career in the information age. The major provides students with superior skills in oral and written proficiency to excel in the creation, dissemination, and analysis of messages. In addition, the program is dedicated to integrating technology in its instruction and incorporating international contexts for the study of communications, so as to prepare students for an increasingly global industry.

This major focuses on intellectual development and ethical reasoning to empower students to take leadership roles and make a difference in a variety of fields both within and outside of the communications industry. Students with a Communications Degree can go on to careers in such fields as Film and Video Production, Journalism, Corporate Communications, Politics, Law, Community Organizing and Service, Education, Management, and Non-profit Administration.

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