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A bachelor’s in journalism will provide you with foundational knowledge in composing professional level articles ready for print and online publishing. As a journalist, you will be in the thick of cutting-edge stories, sometimes walking political lines, covering world and local events, natural disasters, crimes, and controversial stories.
Journalism students will learn how to remain within the guidelines of proper citation, avoiding slander, determining public versus private figure status, working with informants, composing articles fit for web and print media. While the fundamentals of journalism have remained in tact, the medium has changed greatly with the surge in web, blogging, and social media outlets as a means of obtaining news and information.
This comprehensive resource has been developed to provide clarity into personality traits, skills, education resources, working conditions, compensation, and insights from professionals in the field. We will provide you with a road map for education including recommended degree’s, as well as a list of schools that offer programs for your particular area of interest among the many journalism careers. Whether you are looking for that entry-level position, growing in your respective field, or making a career transition, the means to accomplish your goals are within this resource.

Broadcast Journalism
When you think of broadcast journalism, you may imagine the famous TV news anchors, like Diane Sawyer or Tom Brokaw. Broadcast journalism, however, has many different facets, both in front of and behind the camera. There are local news anchor jobs, traffic and weather reporters, and production crew. Or you may be drawn to the national spotlight and have a desire to join one of the major networks or news affiliates to report or produce national and world news.

Investigative Journalist
Throughout history, investigative journalists have been at the heart of an honest and high-functioning democracy. In our constantly changing and evolving society, the importance of the freedom of the press cannot be underestimated. Whether holding election campaigns accountable by following the money, or tracking and exposing our biggest environmental polluters, investigative journalists help to improve the world in which we live. If you are passionate about equality, fairness, and honesty, then a career in investigative journalism may be the right fit for you.

Photojournalism Career
For the past 100+ years, our view of the world in which we live has, in part, been shaped by photojournalists. Get away from the office and explore the world with your camera while documenting the events of our time. More than half of photojournalists are self- employed, giving you the freedom and flexibility to be at the helm of your career. Traditional photography classes combined with journalism courses will keep you relevant in a constantly changing environment.

Sports Journalism
Growing up, many of us dreamed about a career in professional sports. If we didn’t have the skill to be Michael Jordan or Brett Favre, maybe we could be Howard Cosell. A career as a sports journalist can serve in a multitude of media, including writing, broadcasting, producing, or commentating. Start your career as a sports reporter with an internship, and by requesting information from schools. Learn about the many types of sports journalism careers and the training and education necessary.

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