The purpose of this Policy is to define an application process that enables the University to achieve its mission, meet the standards of accrediting agencies, support the goal of providing universal access to qualified students, and ensure that Sun University (“Sun University” or “the University”) admits students of high caliber who have the capability to successfully complete their studies at Sun University.


Policy Statement

Sun University is committed to ensuring that each and every applicant to its courses and programs is individually assessed, without partiality. Detailed selection criteria may vary from program to program. During the selection process, every applicant is considered individually using all the information available to us. This includes an applicant’s academic records, test results (if any), and any additional information given during the application process.

Sun University is committed to equal opportunity and does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, religion, gender, class, age (except with respect to minors) or sexual orientation. We believe that a diverse student population is important from an educational and social perspective, and enhances the educational experience for all. To this end, Sun University encourages applications from groups that are, at present, under-represented in our university.