Is this the right course for me?
Opting to study for an MBA with The Sun University is an exciting decision - and not one to be made lightly. This intensive course requires dedication, hard work and personal sacrifice, but will, of course, be hugely rewarding too. Before enroling, here are three key points to consider:

What’s my long-term plan?
An MBA qualification will open doors, whether you wish to advance within your chosen career or move into a different industry entirely. Either way, it’s important to have an idea of what you want in advance, and to use the training you receive during the course to your best advantage.

Do I wish to improve my leadership skills?
Among many other skills, studying for an MBA will teach you how to manage people effectively in a business environment. As such, it’s useful to have a prior interest in leadership.

Do I have sufficient experience?
Ideally, as an MBA student you’ll have some real-world industry experience; the average age for enrolment for this course of study is mid-to-late twenties. College graduates are, of course, welcome to enrol; it’s just more likely that having spent some time in a professional environment, you’ll have a good, basic understanding of how business works. Plus, you’ll have more to contribute to your peers' learning experience.

Why study the MBA with The Sun University?
The Open University have a vast experience of developing study programmes, allied with our individual approach to business education, equals a tailored and effective MBA that is uniquely placed to assist you to achieve your business potential.
With our Master of Business Administration the quality of your experience is matched by our unrivalled approach to learning:
- Unique: We’re the only triple-accredited business school to specialise in flexible learning.
- Practical: MBA studies enable you to apply your learning to your workplace straightaway.
- Convenient: Our unique distance-learning method and innovative use of technology enable you to study at home or on the move.
- Affordable: We offer the option to pay in monthly instalments, and the nature of our study means you can earn while you learn.

How does online learning work?
The courses are ‘asynchronous.’ Asynchronous instructional activities allow students to complete coursework on their own schedule within the parameters of the syllabus. In most cases, this means assignments can be completed at any time during the week of the course, rather than at a specific class meeting time. Most of our online courses are asynchronous.
There are occasions when an instructor requires a real-time discussion or lecture, which will be indicated in the syllabus.

How can one choose between a certificate and a master’s degree?
A master’s degree is a significantly bigger accomplishment and confers a diploma. It takes longer and gives students a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of a specialization. A certificate is shorter, faster to complete, does not confer a degree, but can provide useful skills and knowledge about a subject area. Completing a certificate is also a significant achievement and can make someone more attractive to current and prospective employers.

Will I get a diploma when I finish my Sun University degree?
Yes, once a student successfully satisfies all requirements of a program, Sun University will issue an official Sun University Certificate of Completion and transcripts stating that a student has successfully completed his/her program, with the final grades for each course taken.

Will my degree be accepted at other universities?
Sun University is an accredited institution by a US accrediting agency and all of its academic degrees are accredited. Students will need to check with their individual institution regarding whether degrees/credits from Sun University are accepted.

Can I work after graduating from Sun University?
Sun University graduates are working in very highly renowned companies around the world after graduating with a Sun University degree. Many of our graduates decide to take the skills and knowledge they acquire in their degree program, and start their own businesses. Additionally, many of our students have reported promotions and career advancement upon graduation.
Sun University supports our student’s growth and development in the careers by offering an online career service center, providing internship opportunities, assistance with resume writing, networking skill development and many more to help our students achieve their professional goals.

How will a master’s degree help my career?
Companies, nonprofits and government agencies need educated people to lead their public relations initiatives. Employers want proof that you have the kind of expertise that can only come from a structured educational environment that teaches everything from campaign concept to execution to measuring results. A master’s degree in public relations gives you a substantial edge over your competition. The program is guided by an advisory council of top professionals to ensure students graduate with skills to lead the industry.

What are the application requirements?
Proof of high school completion must be met by providing a high school diploma or its official functional equivalent. With our mission to open the gates to higher education, students may begin their studies without delay!
This requirement may be satisfied during your first term at SunUniversity through the submission of an official copy of a diploma (or transcript showing graduation) sent directly to SunUniversity from an official authority (Ministry of Education, the school itself, etc.); or
Applicants who are non-native English speakers, or did not complete their high school education in an institution where the primary language of instruction is English, are required to provide proof of English proficiency.

What is the GPA requirement to be admitted into the University?
Applicants must prove high school completion through the submission of a high school diploma and transcripts. The diploma and transcripts may be in a language other than English provided the applicant submits, in addition, an official translation document that is notarized prior to submittal. However, there is not a minimal GPA required to be accepted to  SunUniversity.

Is an English Proficiency document required?
If you are a non-native English speaker, or you graduated from an institution where English was not the primary language of instruction, please see which other English proficiency documents you may submit to be considered for admission to SunUniversity

What is my first step as a student?
SunUniversity offers a unique learning experience that combines peer-based and collaborative learning, with information technologies and the internet. Taken together, this creates an affordable opportunity for universal access to quality higher education with an innovative pedagogical model. Before the first term begins each new student is assigned a designated username and password to log into the SunUniversity online platform and courses. New students can read more about our study process by looking at the links on the Student Portal homepage.

I did not receive the email confirmation when I started my application.
Kindly check your spam folder to ensure that the email was not erroneously placed in an email folder other than your email inbox. If you do not find the email, please email the Office of Admissions directly to inquire about your specific application.

My diploma and transcript are not in English. Will you accept them?
Diplomas and transcripts that are not in English should be submitted together with an official, notarized translation. This means that SunUniversity must receive both a certified/notarized copy of your diploma(s) and transcript(s) in their original language, and notarized translations for each document. Translations should be accurate, word-for-word translations drafted by your Ministry of Education or by a professional translator or translation company.