Student guide

Registration: Setup Your Account:
Visit the university website and become a member.
- Fill in the participation’s form:
- Your basic details.
- Choise your course of study.
- Update your full identity details.
- Upload required documents for verification.

Examination: Take Exams, Get Verified!
A. Overview:
Once registered, the student can register for the examination. There is only a small fee to pay once to take exams. For each exam you have a free eBook to download, eBooks are downloaded by order in which you need have passed the next exam to download the previous eBook, after downloading the first eBook can take the exam.

B. How does it work:
The examination is a 10 multiple choice question test and should be answered in 30 minutes.
In case of delay the page will reset and upgrade and the test can be repeated after 25 hours.
You pass right the exam if will complete with right answers minimum 6 questions on 10.
If you correct answer to less than 6 questions the test will be rejected and you would be able to repeat after 49 hours.
If you complete the test and the correct answers are more than 6, you can choose to "accept the vote" and move on or repeat 'exam to get a better grade, once passed the exam you can move to the next matter.
The vote is the number of correct answers / 10 total.

Graduation: Get Certificates:
When you claimed all the exams you will receve a certificate with the list of exams done and the vote for each.
To be graduate you have in the end to write an original essay on any subject of one of the exams in at least 25,000 words then upload it Doc and Pdf format. Graduate degree will be sent by e-mail and concluded the cycle. If you want you can also order the printed paper degree on the site.